We Made it to Prague

We made it to Prague……. and even beat our luggage by 8 hours, because it didn’t want to come on the same plane with us.  Anyway, Prague has been really great so far.  We are in downtown (central) Prague, staying at the Grandior Hotel.  More on that in a later post.

Prague combines historical and modern around every corner. For example, here’s an entrance to the shopping mall down the street to the hotel.

Prague Downtown Mall


And just a couple of blocks away is the opera house that offers free and reduced operas.


As you can see, Prague is bustling with people walking around, listening to music, and meeting in sidewalk cafe’s.



We also found an outdoor market with people selling crafts, local foods and beverages.



I feel very comfortable here.  Have you ever had the feeling while traveling that everyone know’s  you’re an outsider, not from around here?  Well I must say the people here are very friendly, very nice, and almost everyone speaks english.

Next, the prices.  Prices here are VERY reasonable…. I mean VERY reasonable.   For example, a 1.5 L bottle of water is just under a dollar!  How much do we pay for one in the states?  Beer starts at $1.50 for locally brewed drafts.

So far Prague impresses me.  We have another day and a half here so I will continue to update my impressions of the city.

Next post, I will tell you about our hotel.  As a preview, I highly recommend it.

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