Our Hotel – The Grandior Hotel Prague

So before I get to the hotel, I have to digress a bit.  We are in the van on our way to  the hotel from the airport.  It’s 11:00 AM on Friday and we are in Chicago – like rush hour traffic.  Our 35 minute trip took over an hour.  It seems driving is one of the slowest modes of transportation in Prague.  We later learned that because of the price of gas, $9.00 / gallon (US) and that there are very few places to park your car, most people take public transportation or walk.  A Czech citizen can purchase a public transportation pass for $240 / year (US).  That gives access to all forms of public transportation, which by far is that fastest way to get around.  Walking seems to be the next fastest mode of transportation as people walk everywhere.

OK, so the hotel.  As we got close to the hotel the van driver tells me, “it’s right over there”.  I see stores and other businesses, but I really don’t see a hotel….. at first.  I guess I was thinking big flashing sign with the name…. I don’t know, but I couldn’t see it.  In fact, here’s what I saw.



Now if I was across the street, I would have seen the sign.



Once we got out of the van I saw the actual front entrance which made me feel a bit better.

Front Entrance

Front Entrance

We walked in I completely forgot about the sign.  The hotel is beautiful.  Very modern decor as you will see in the next few images.  One thing I noticed but didn’t pay any attention to until I heard a comment from another of our new cruise friends is that “everything is square”.  And he’s right.  Tables, coffee cups, the toilet….. yep.  The sink and even the plumbing under the sink (photo to follow later), is square.  Check out the images.

Hotel Lobby

Hotel Lobby

Registration Desk

Registration Desk

Lobby Bar

Lobby Bar

So here’s some additional information about the hotel.

Grandior Hotel Prague

Na Porici 42, 110 00 Prague, Czech Republic

Phone +420 226 295 111 Reception

Phone +420 211 159 854 Reservations

Fax +420 226 295 112

Email reception@hotel-grandior.cz

Web http://www.hotel-grandior.cz/en/

My only complaint….. the internet is all wireless, and painfully, horribly, SLOW.  I’ve been working on getting this post up for over three hours.  Finally made it.



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