Final Post From Prague

Here’s my final post from Prague and we’re going to talk about food.  These are the restaurants we went to during our visit, and my thoughts on each.

Nase Maso Butcher and Deli.  Dlouha ulice 39.  Remember the tour we went on?  The image of the meat appetizer came from here.  All the meat came from “organically” raised animals.  The way we should do it in the states.

Cafe Savoy.  Vitezna 5-150 00 Praha 5.  Our final stop in the restaurant tour.  They have more than deserts and I would guess the rest of their menu is just as amazing as our deserts.

Cestr Steak House.  Legrova 57/75  110 00 Praha 1.  This was our main course restaurant.  I think we basically had a massive sampler of their dishes.  I couldn’t find fault with any of them.

George and Dragon.  A British Pub.  I had fish and chips and a salad.  In Prague salad dressing doesn’t exist.  They put on oil and vinegar.  The fish and chips were very good, and very big.  Hope you’re hungry if you go in there.

Pasta Fresca!  Celetna 11, 110 00 Praha 1.  We were told this was the best Italian pasta restaurant in Prague.  Note…. make a reservation.  We didn’t have one but the hostess took pity on us as it was our last night in Prague.   There were four of us and between us we had… pesto pasta with mushrooms, pasta with tomato sauce, and lasagna. I had the lasagna and loved it.  You can’t go wrong here.

Pizza Nuova.  Revolucni 655/1 110 00 Praha 1.  It’s a pizza place and again, you must make reservations.  They have the best pizza in Prague and are unbelievably busy.  The only reason we got in was because we mentioned they were recommended to us our food tour the previous night.  They were actually turning everyone away if they didn’t have a reservation.

Al Capone’s Pizza.  This was our first meal stop in Prague.  We were jet lagged and didn’t want to walk to far to eat.  The food was good but didn’t compare to the other restaurants mentioned here.

So to sum it up, you can find excellent food in Prague.  Food and drinks are relatively inexpensive.  Good restaurants are every where and the service is very good.   On a personal level, I like Czech beer and I like Czech wine, bot white and red.  Be sure to try some on your trip.

Our next stop is Munich, Germany.  Stop back tomorrow.


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