Wyndham Grand Hotel in Pittsburg

Let me start out by saying that I stay here because my company has a contract with the hotel.  If I had a choice, I would stay somewhere else.  The hotel is dated, as in plain decor and lack of amenities.  The entire hotel needs to be remodeled.  The wallpaper is peeling off in my bathroom and the caulking around the shower is full of mildew.

The coffee service in the room is a joke and if this were my hotel, I would be completely embarrassed.  Speaking of coffee, if you want some, you have your choice of the restaurant or the restaurant.  That’s it….. if you can get the attention of the staff in the restaurant.  I tried to have breakfast but no one would even acknowledge the fact I was standing there waiting to be seated, so I left.

In the hallway, the ceiling is coming down in front of the elevator door.  The walls are plain and not well-lit.

The lobby is large but again plain.  It appears they had a bar area at one end of the lobby but doesn’t appear to be open anymore.

I’m not even going to add any photos to this post because I really don’t think you want to see this.

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