Vincenzo’s Italian Ristorante, Omaha

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 11.25.11 PM

On our recent family trip to Omaha, we were looking to go out for a family dinner on Saturday night.  Based on recommendations from her friends, my daughter in law made reservations at Vincenzo’s in Omaha, party of ten.

When we arrived, our table was ready and we were promptly seated as the restaurant was about a quarter full.  The atmosphere was as you would expect from an Italian restaurant, and quite comfortable.  The staff was very friendly and accommodating to our needs as we had two young children and a toddler with us.

We placed our drink order and when it arrived, had a few omissions that needed to be corrected.  Once the drink order was corrected, we placed an order for appetizers. Let’s just say the appetizers looked “interesting” when delivered.  Not what you would expect from an Italian restaurant.

We then placed our dinner order.  Our salads came to the table before we had time to finish our appetizers, which is one thing that really “jerks my chain”, but I digress.  We finished our salads and our entrés came shortly thereafter.

About half of the entrés were delivered lukewarm or cold and the rest were acceptable; notice I didn’t say good or great.  So we sent the unacceptable entrés back.  Apparently their microwave works just fine.

While eating, we noticed the room had gotten fairly cold.  Other tables had also noticed and were complaining, but despite the reassurances from the staff, it never did warm up.  So, back to the food…

But first, a question for you.  Have you ever had Italian food that had no flavor?  Me either, until now.  With the exception on my middle grandson and his cheese pizza, nothing anyone else anyone ate had any flavor.  I mean bland… gluten free, fat free, sugar free, carbohydrate free, no spices, no MSG, no saturated fats, no trans fats, you name it… bland!  How about Italian sausage that tastes like hamburger?  I think you get the idea.

The bottom line is this.  If you can’t get a reservation anywhere else in Omaha on a Saturday night and you are really desperate to go out, this is your place.  But know going in you will be disappointed.

I really feel bad for my daughter in law but in the end it was the restaurant that let us all down.

The image above was taken from the restaurant website.  Speaking of website, here’s the link for the brave…  Vincenzo’s Omaha



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