Marriott Biscayne Bay

I’ve been to this hotel many times and I stay at Marriott hotels whenever possible. The staff is great, the public areas, rooms and views are above average. However, for Marriott Elite members, don’t waste your time in the concierge lounge. This is by far the worst lounge I have seen at a Marriott property. (BTW The Marriott downtown Des Moines on a Wednesday night / Thursday morning is the best ANYWHERE!)

I digress…..

When I checked in, I was told the concierge lounge wasn’t staffed in the morning so I received a breakfast voucher. A nice touch I must say but, not staffed? What if an elite member wants something quick and easy? These are your most frequent and consistent customers! Ok so let’s forget breakfast, I’ll go to the restaurant with my voucher.

Close your eyes and pretend it’s 6PM on a Wednesday evening. You go to the concierge lounge and find white rice with a fancy name, chicken on toothpicks, a few pieces of cheese with the worst crackers possible, and a few grapes. Mind you, they opened 30 minutes prior to my arrival….. a few bottles of wine, the usual stuff in the mini fridges, and about the third of the liquor bottles found in EVERY other lounge in the Marriott system. This lounge is a joke, and the general manager should be ashamed.

I”m going to end here as I think I have made my point. For normal Marriott customers, you’ll like the hotel. For Elite members, not so much.

Below is the link to their website. ¬†Beautiful photos…

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